Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sheep Exporters Fleece Council Making Me EuroSceptic

A criminal company convicted of smugggling live sheep out of Dover in a closed truck listed  as transporting boxed meat, is trying to screw £1.4million out of Thanet Council for lost trade. The Council rightly banned these criminal animal abusers from Ramsgate  Port and its a shame they had to let them back. But there is abosultely no way they have lost £1.4 million in the 5 weeks they were banned from the port. this is pure fantasy.

Whats going on Ramsgate is a national scandal! I am proud to count as freinds  many of the brave and determined campaigners against this  barbaric trade. You are credit to Ramsgate!

This vile and barbaric trade must be stoped and I am rapidly coming to the conculsion that the only way this medieval cruetly can be stopped is leaving  the EU. Its EU rules that allow this brutality to  happen. Lets get out now!!!

In the meantime I will continue to join the protests at the Port of Ramsgate whenever I can and any other direct actions to stop these convicted criminals plying  their vile trade in Ramsgate

Live exports campaign meeting Tuesday 26th Feb, 7pm the Oak Hotel, Ramsgate


  1. Ian, I have a problem. Why cant I find any agenda or minutes or record of a delegated decision on TDC's web site.

  2. Sadly your spell checker is not working, nor is your grammar. This lets down an otherwise useful point.

  3. We shouldn't be worried by this hollow threat to sue TDC. We must assume that the council was responsible enough to seek legal advice before deciding to close the port. If it didn't take legal advice the bill ought to be paid by those who acted without due regard to the financial implications. If the council did take legal advice and it was wrong the taxpayer will have to foot the bill. However, under these circumstances, I would expect to see the council's legal services held to account.

  4. Can't see Michel Fenner raising £1.4M in a hurry can you?

  5. And Pigs might fly anonymous 03:33

  6. Agree 0333. The protestors are missing a trick in not having advance notice from the port of deliveries and video/sound recordings of the animlals on a blog. It will end but how much longer.

  7. So what is 'Really' wrong with animal exports? I support them

    1. No evidence of horses being transported in this way. They get their own box to travel in and still end up on the plate.