Sunday, 10 February 2013

No to Homophobic Death Threats

I have just heard the shocking news  that my colleague Thanet Councillor, John Worrow,  has received a homophobic death threat in the post. I understand that he has reported this threat to the Police. This latest incident follows a nasty homophobic telephone message left on John’s phone last year, in which Thanet Councillor Ken Gregory said “I hope you get AIDs”. Gregory was cautioned by the Police.

Like John or loathe him. Thanet Councillors cannot stand by and allow an elected representative to face unprecedented  abuse and threats.

I call on the Leader of Thanet Council, Clive Hart, the Leader of the Opposition Bob Bayford and the leaders of the Independent groups to prepare a joint statement signed by all their Councillors which condemns homophobic threats and abuse.

As one of the first Council’s in England and the only  Council in Kent to have voted to support equal marriage, we can no longer stay silent in the face of  bigotry and threats of violence or death. Enough is enough.

 Councillor Ian Driver



  1. Hi Ian best of luck with the blog, I tried adding a link to my sidebar but can’t get it work at the moment which makes me wonder if your feeds are configured correctly.

    Nasty business hate mail, lets hope the police get to the bottom of it.

  2. It is a pretty gutless sort of person that sends anonymous hate mail so best ignored. In the main they get their kicks from the reaction, after all they are hardly expecting a reply, so a mix a media coverage and council statements of condemnation are fuel to their phobia. Such is more likely to produce another such letter whereas nothing hurts quite as much as being totally ignored.

  3. A death threat is a death threat, as we know, Worrow is adept at making anything a "homophobic" attack. Treat it as any other threat to councillor, hardly a new thing and move on, Driver and Worrow will do ANYTHING to see their name in the media!

  4. If you think that hate is going to be ignored, you are in for a rude shock bigot