Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Personally I support grafiti & think there should more of it! Since writing began 20-30,000 years ago people have been drawing and writing on walls. It's human nature. You can't  stop it. Grafiti can be incredibly funny and it can also be highly political, helping to bring down tyrants. It can also be very artistic too. Think Banksy!. So I fully support the anti-Pleasurama grafiti which has appeared on the Great wall of Ramsgate. It's in the right place at the right time and there should be more of it to expose the scandal behind the wall.

I would recommend anyone with an interest in grafiti - for or against to read this wickipedia article


However I accept that a lot of people disagree with my view. Here is an e-mail exchange which illustrates this point. Please note Clive Hart has assured me that he did not speak to anyone about this issue.

From: cllr-Ian Driver
Sent: 11 February 2013 09:26
To: Gerry O'Donnell
Cc: Subject: RE: Great Wall of Ramsgate
Dear Gerry
I re-opened my blog on Sunday after an 18 month lay off. There are no postings about Pleasurama on it.
However, I have no problem with people adding graffiti to the Great Wall providing that they do not damage existing contributions.
People have been painting slogans on walls and banners since writing began and I believe that graffiti is form of expression which should be encouraged. Especially when the wall covers up an offensive eyesore (the Pleasurama bombsite) which is angering many local people.
I have seen pictures of the recent graffiti on the Great Wall and I happen to think it is pretty cool . if I get the time I will add something myself
I will post this exchange on my blogsite in due course.

From: Gerry O'Donnell [Sent: 08 February 2013 10:20
To: cllr-Ian Driver
Subject: Great Wall of Ramsgate
I am given to understand via Clive Hart that you have encouraged people via your Blog to make their views known (graffiti) on the remaining blank section of the Wall.
Can you confirm or deny this as I have no wish to respond with false facts.
So far we’ve had no graffiti, defacement or otherwise on the art on the wall in nearly three years. That’s why we must discourage Graffiti to ensure that continues.
Gerry O’Donnell


  1. (\__/)

    Graffiti??? Terrible stuff! ;)

  2. Supporting criminal damage Driver, tut tut

    "Ian Driver Brilliant Ramsagates very own Berlin Wall lets have more protest graphitie
    February 3 at 4:56pm"

  3. As good as the art on the great wall is, only Thanet politicians, past and present, could put so much effort and have such pride in a wall around a derelict site of 14 years of age.

    That's why you are right Ian, and people like Gerry are ex-councillors.

  4. Wonder what the pro graffiti brigade would think if there properties were covered in it,not forgetting the many thousands of pounds it costs to clear it off public buildings including on more than one occasion war memorials and family graves

  5. Anon grow up. I am supporting graffiti on blank wall next to a highly controversial building site. Not the desecration of war memorials or painting peoples homes.

    1. But are the morons who usually go around with spray cans capable of telling the difference. It is a bit like encouraging a child to scribble on the washable play room walls and then getting upset when it does the same thing on the lounge wallpaper.

  6. you cant pick and choose parts of criminality,if you could elected politicians would count for nothing, as getting rid of the ones you dont like wouldn't just involve the ballot box

  7. I would agree with you that a number of unfortunate decisions have been made over the years and it is our intention to see them corrected, and I know that you have had your attention drawn to the TDC Best Value Performance plan 2003-2004.As a new administration in May 2003 we set about to halt and reverse the problem areas some of which you have highlighted . You will appreciate that where commercial operations have been closed by their owners that is a matter beyond our immediate control and one which you also recognise.
    As the newly appointed Cabinet member for Leisure Culture and Tourism, I can assure you that a number of the issues you raised were already being reviewed by my predecessor and I will energetically pursue all areas within my Portfolio as a matter of importance and priority.
    I am prepared to place on record that I voted for the Pleasurama sale and development whilst a Back Bencher and still believe that it is in the best interests of Ramsgate.
    You make a misleading statement when you say there is a lack of Consultation over major projects.In the case of Pleasurama which is in the main the subject of your E-Mail to me there has been extensive public consultation.
    My initial reply was referring to the Leaders reply dated 18.04.04,however I would like to close by saying the web site is interesting and if it was confined to promoting Thanet,rather than being used as a political forum would more beneficial to yours and our long term aims of making Thanet an even better place to live in, I can assure all your readers, that I will be addressing many more issues than detailed by you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Roger Latchford OBE (Cllr)
    Cabinet member for leisure Culture and Tourism (6 May 04.)

    1. Back in 2004 when this email was sent there were still high hopes for the Pleasurama project. The years of inactivity were yet to follow.

    2. Anon I fully appreciate the hopes & excitement for the project. If i had been around at the time I would most likley have felt the same. However there is something that feels "not quite right" about how the developers were appointed and today's consequences may possibly relate to this appointment. The extract from the 2004 document (which I am assuming to be genuine) indicates that there were people around at the time (the Audit Commission I am guessing) who were also concerned. Having said that I might be wide of the mark and talking utter rubbish as Cllr Poole told me

    3. Is that the same Roger Latchford that was always joint to his master Sandy Ezekiel's hip?

    4. Yes he always used to point out how important he was. He liked to tell everyone one that he had an OBE guyz and gals!

    5. Perhaps I should point out that the email from Roger was sent to me ;publication on the internet, whichdid back in 2004 here http://www.thanetonline.com/pleasurama/roger_latchford.htm I wonder why anon left my name orf

    6. 11:19, I think I would prefer an OBE (military division) to being a Saville copycat. Who knows what you might get up to next, he says locking the kids away.

  8. Anon thank you for your posting. It is very intrguing. Happy to speak to you in the strictest confidence Ian

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  10. You are only jealous because Ian is a Sex God!

  11. This isn't a joking matter as privilege comes with responsibility as people lives and reputations are important to protect not destroy under privilege.
    It seems more like they want something there they want rather what we in ramsgate want.
    I heard he wants n ice rink what a nonsense that will bring in the people madness and mad men.

    1. Well said 14:24!

      Driver cares nothing for the people of Ramsgate, his only concern is trying to promote Driver, that is where his concern begins and ends.

    2. Gregory & Tomlinson care nothing for the people of Garlinge their only concern is trying to promote low standards in public life, that is where their concern begins and ends.

  12. I work for bank and I can tell you of many developments that can't get funding where have you lot been since the the bank crash are you all blind its hard to get these things to conclusion no one would have bought in last 3 years so no one will fund it.
    If this ssp do get it built they need a medal not lambasting

    1. Reality is not Driver's strong point, shameless self promotion is his speciality.

      As you say Anon 14:38, the list of projects delayed by the crash is legion! If they HAD been built they would now be empty and Driver would find some kind of scandal with the fact they hadn't been sold!

      TDC maybe 100% incompetent, but Ramsgate does not exist in a bubble immune from the rest of the world's economic realities.

  13. Reality is not Bayford's strong point, shameless double standards is his speciality.

    1. How did Bayford get into this discussion or is he a pet hate of yours, 04:54? Seems to me that most of Thanet, both councillors and public, are devoid of reality otherwise we would not live here.