Sunday, 24 February 2013


They're at it again! Not that they ever stopped! Powerful men sexually abusing weaker men and women  further down the food chain.

I thought  politics, and the church were all about making  the world a better place to live in. I was wrong! It seems to be all about abuse of authority, bullying, and making the lives of some people hell. I recall a tale of Southwark Council in the early 1990s when a former Leader said to me on the day I was elected, "now its time to become a real politician". "How do I do that?" I innocently enquired. Well said the former Council Leader "you must **** a constituent and then you must **** a Council officer". Several senior Councillors laughed in merriment at this sound advice and then proceeded to  recount how many  constituents and Council officers they had ****** over the years



  1. Cllr Driver, one could find people who have abused their position to obtain sexual favours in every walk of life and it is not unique to the church. We had a former DPM involved in an affair with a junior member of staff, a senior Lib Dem who groped unfortunate ladies currently in the headlines and a now infamous DJ who abused his position to assault children.

    It has happened throughout the ages and I very much doubt you or I are going to change it. Some people simply get promoted above their level of competence or moral fortitude and abuse the power such position gives, some for wealth and some for sex. It just is not only priest, but even union officials.

  2. Priests like teachers have children entrusted too them unlike most other walks of life. The church has a track record of turning a blind eye and just transfering priests to other postings where they can still do harm.