Wednesday, 20 February 2013



Today I will be passing on to members of the public Thanet Council's secret report on the Ramsgate Pleasurama Development. There is considerable public interest in this issue and I think that it is right and proper for people to know what has been decided behind closed doors about this scandalous project. I await the usual  outcry from people who fear being scrutinised. I will eventually publish the entire document on this blogsite when I learn how to do it


  1. Well done Ian: the public interest trumps TDC's every time. And send a copy to the Gazette. Next you need a copy of the payroll and expenses at TDC.

    And has McGonogal replied to your Pleasurama requests as yet?

  2. Wonder if you'll ever have the backbone to publish in public, the accusations that the standards comittee investigating u for...

  3. They have called for you to resign Cllr Driver, but they are happy enough to turn a blind eye to a homophobic hate criminal and a drunk driver. The beach is Sandy also!

    1. Sadly one of the drunk drivers died last week so perhaps a little bit of decent human respect might not go amiss here. Not everyone is totally infallible and who next may fall from grace. Let's hope it is not you 8:15.