Saturday, 2 March 2013


"18 months hard labour is fair enuffff" .... but to commit   crime in public office you almost certainly need accomplices or unwitting stooges. Hopefully, further investigations will finger more serving or-ex-councillors of both parties. Perhaps some  council officials and local businessmen too? 
Although the vast majority of Thanet people are totally honest. Its a sad fact that some people with power and influence in the community have  been abusing their positions, at the public expense for years.

It's time to for a change! 

Lets hope that the remaining  fraudsters and cheats are rooted out. Who ever they are.  



  1. The silence from his former colleagues is deafening!

    1. I have never known Sandy's former cabinet colleague Simon Moores to be so quiet

  2. Presumably you know more than you are letting on. I think its time to blow the whistle on all those local 'fat cats' who think its ok to have local Councillors in their pockets. We need to weed out these Councillors and replace them with honest people who have the best interest of Thanet at the hearts and not just out for a free lunch. I think anyone spilling the beans would be admired and not called a 'grass'

  3. I mistakenely deleted a comment along the lines that unwitting stooges have been manipulated by others and are not gulity of crime - I agree

  4. "but to commit crime in public office"....insightment to cause criminal damage....ring any bells?

  5. I bet there are lots of secret phone calls going on this weekend with people getting there stories straight. A few sleepless nights ahead for some. The early morning knock at the door will seem very loud.

  6. can someone find out what SFP's risk score has become as it was changed on 23/1/2013. An injection of cash? or deficit?